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About Jewish Healing

Jewish healing offers the creative use of traditional Jewish resources, combined with psychological insights, mind-body techniques and community to those seeking wholeness, comfort and connection in challenging times.

When illness, loss and significant life challenges confront us we may discover that our ability to cope is disrupted, our habitual way of viewing life is challenged and we may be in need of greater and perhaps new types of support and skills. Many who face these challenges experience a sense of isolation, of broken-ness, and search for ways to heal the spirit by finding meaning, comfort and community in the midst of their challenges.

For some Jews, it is natural to look to our tradition for wisdom and comfort; for others, the crisis may motivate a turn to and search of the Jewish tradition with a new eye.

  • We want to be able to ask essential questions about our life's purpose, the meaning of our suffering, the ways in which our souls may grow amidst life's deepest challenges.
  • We want to connect to something larger than our individual lives.
  • We want to benefit from the wisdom of our people.

Judaism has understood these needs and has addressed these questions over the millennia. It offers a tradition rich with a vast array of spiritual resources, both individual and communal. However, Jewish individuals and families no longer have easy access to the communal and spiritual supports that have sustained previous generations of Jews through difficult times.

Since its inception, the National Center for Jewish Healing has been committed to changing this reality by mining these spiritual resources and helping communities access ancient and modern Jewish healing traditions, texts and approaches so that no Jew need be alone during the difficult times of illness and loss.

There is now a network of over 30 Jewish healing centers throughout North America creating strong community partnerships, and a growing group of clergy and individual practitioners incorporating Jewish spiritual resources and Jewish healing programming into their care of individuals and families.

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